About SMART SYSTEM® Original

The patented back-stop and puller assembly is the heart of the SMART SYSTEM®.  Merchandise is stocked between the adjustable dividers.

When merchandise sells down causing facings to disappear a simple pull on the puller brings all remaining stock forward to the shelf edge.  Blocking chores are reduced to mere seconds with the SMART SYSTEM®.

Easy To Operate..... and FAST!

Resetting is as easy as disengaging Divider from Lock-On Strip, re-positioning, and snapping back down.

The SMART SYSTEM® Advantages

  • Utilizes existing store shelves
  • Organizes product to increase sales, as consumer can easily locate their choice(s)
  • Reduces store labor cost, with less time spent stocking and facing
  • Facilitates stock rotation to reduce loss for out-of-date product
  • Works with every package size and type
  • Easy to install ... no tools needed

The system back-stop props up food packages that would otherwise lay flat such as hot dogs, bacon, bagged salads, etc.  The back-stop and puller also serve as an inventory control device and can make a selling space look full even when only stocked with a few items.

Simple Installation (and Resets)


Lock-On Strip affixes to shelf with double-sided tape (or with fasteners).


Place desired number of Dividers and Back-Stop & Puller Assemblies on shelf.


Position Dividers according to product width.


Then snap Dividers down onto Lock-On Strip - now you're ready to load shelf!

Still don't see what you're looking for? We can custom create SMART solutions for your especial needs.