Are labels interfering with your product presentation?
Have you ever suffered from the "peg jab" while loading product?

Here's the SMART answer to your peg problems...

  • installs over existing store pegs
  • integral label holder
  • proper stock rotation
  • increases air flow for energy efficient refrigeration

SMART PEG™ Features

  • The SMART PEG™ integral label holder minimizes stocking signage and allows for maximum product presentation to the shopper.
  • The SMART PEG™ installs on/over your existing pegs.
  • Not only does the SMART PEG™ save labor, but the integral label holder eliminates the need to hang cumbersome label holder strips.
  •  A GREEN FRIENDLY product - The SMART PEG™ increases air flow for more energy efficient refrigeration

Still don't see what you're looking for? We can custom create SMART solutions for your especial needs.