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SMART SYSTEMS manufactures patented retail racking systems to improve retailer profits and to provide enhanced consumer shopping experience. We are headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA and incorporated in 1996.

Our line of fixture systems began with the SMART SYSTEM® Original in the meat category.  Since its inception, SMART SYSTEMS has grown its customer base from two regional grocery chains to numerous national chains and a presence in thousands of retail stores.

The SMART Systems Family of Products


The patented back-stop and puller assembly is the heart of the SMART SYSTEM®.  


The patented back-stop and puller assembly is the heart of the SMART SYSTEM®.  Merchandise is stocked between the adjustable dividers.


Are labels interfering with your product presentation?
Have you ever suffered from the "peg jab" while loading product?


The product so SMART we named it twice! The SMART ADJUSTABLE™ is adjustable in BOTH directions:

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Advantages of the SMART SYSTEM®

Significantly reduce stocking, facing and rotating labor

Enhance inventory control, Reduce out-of-code product

Encourage proper rotation

Improve product presentation

Fully utilize existing store shelves

Increase air flow (for refrigerated applications)

Works with every package type and size

Durable - made with high impact plastic

Eliminates case blockers

Employee and customer friendly

Keeps product aligned with proper price label

1-Year manufacturer's limited warranty

SMART SYSTEMS dedicates the resources required for you.

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